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Deadline2017Years,Has accumulated more than40Nearly ten thousand people8000Home units in the vertical and horizontal organization of all kinds of training and activities。And pay attention to the building of enterprise comprehensive strength,Pay attention to cultivation of talents,Gradually accumulated the rich course resources and activities,Construction of the comprehensive facilities perfect training base,Scientific and rigorous training management system is established,And passedISO9001Expand training certification training process,Is the first to receive the certification of enterprise in the industry,More win the national top ten experience education training institutions、Sports industry national vocational qualification training base、In shaanxi provinceAAALevel credit unit with various honors such as shaanxi province famous trademark。

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Vertical and horizontal team by existing11The core management team composed of people,Include your major:Education、Psychology、Sports、In Chinese、Business, etc,Vertical and horizontal commitments:In the whole training services,We in line with to the"Strict liability、Innovation and progress、Focus on results"The attitude of training high quality to meet customer needs,Complete the training effect of service for the customer。

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Outdoor camp

Shaanxi vertical and horizontal management information co., LTD has three big has its own exclusive camp,Activity organization、Meal、Live a dragon whole process seamless service to students。One of them,Cuihua mountain outdoor camp、Yanan red experience education base、Liang Jiahe comprehensive quality education base to satisfy different customer activity organization and training needs。

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Shaanxi vertical and horizontal management information co., LTD

Shaanxi vertical and horizontal management information co., LTD

Shaanxi since the vertical and horizontal management information co., LTD2002Years until now,To organize the implementation of the40Ten thousand people、8000Family unit to participate in all kinds of experiential training。Based on two research and development center:Shaanxi normal university and experiential research and development center、Xinjiang shihezi university experiential education research and development center,The three has its own base:Cuihua mountain outdoor camp、Yanan red experience education base、Liang Jiahe comprehensive quality education base,Four brand series of products and services:“Vertical and horizontal group”、“Green au special training camp sunshine teenager character”、“Yanan red education experience”、“Court at the hotel”,To create experiential education professional operating platform。2009The company through the yearISO9001Expand training certification training process,20 ...

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Announcements about Zhao Zheng be expelled
About Zhao Zheng waltz with Zhao Zheng staff shall be removed from the announcement,Since2019Years6Month18Since no reason absenteeism and couldn't get in touch,According to the《Company management rules and regulations》The first Eight The first chapter Eight The article 3 Paragraph,Research by the company shall be removed from processing,Ordered it immediately to the company general department work settle formalities。Notice is hereby given that the vertical and horizontal management information are in shaanxi province ...
“This method can inspire employees full engagement?” “Can!”
Introduction to this issue:In the work,Or during the project implementation,How to let the participants don't slack off,A perfect end to the campaign of work?To eliminate“Accept in psychology”(Work is work,It is not you see)To eliminate“Sense of uncertainty”(Clear responsibility,Let the team members to bear)Looking for a key figure(Find this project can drive the atmosphere in the first person) ...


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